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Fifty years ago, the effects pedal market wasn’t like today’s. Instead of an internet worth of pedal builders, you had to head to your local guitar shop and choose from two or three brands they carried. DOD was almost always one of them.

Named after our co-founder, David O. DiFrancesco, DOD launched our first pedals in the middle of the golden era. It wasn’t long before you started seeing models like the DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp and the DOD 201 Phasor in front of some of the biggest names in electric guitar. Why? Because DOD pedals have always been designed by musicians, for musicians and built tough to withstand gigging night after night. Maybe that’s why we earned the moniker “America’s Pedals.” You might say we were boutique before boutique was a thing.

And we haven’t stopped. The 1980s saw the release of the FX series pedals. For many musicians, these were the go-to effects throughout the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond. The first pedals in the series were the standard FX pedals. They included many cornerstone designs, including the FX10 Bi-FET Preamp, the FX25 Envelope Filter, and the FX60 Stereo Chorus.

The DOD tradition continues to this day. Whether discussing our line of vintage-inspired reissues or forward-thinking designs like the Rubberneck Delay and Carcosa Fuzz, we remain committed to crafting great-quality analog pedals for every player out there.

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